Control of liquids

Capacitive levels


Intended use:

The control unit ICU is to be used in application where the electronic of the capacitive level indicators L-E3 must be placed in a remote installation. 


The unit control ICU has to be allways connected to the capacitive indicator. When the level of product reaches the probe of the indicator, the control unit ICU reverses the signal due to a change of the capacity of the environment.
When the product disappear from the detection range, the signal turns to the initial position.
The control unit ICU has a regulation system that allow the adjustment of the sensitivity and a response time adjustment due to a nut in the electronic module. 

Mechanical connection:

It is simple: the device has to be installed in a DIN rail using the undecal socket. After electrical connection, the unit control has to be installed in the socket and proceed with the adjustements. 


Approximate measures are given in mm. 




Technical data:

Name Control unit  
Type ICU  
Supply voltage    
ref: 2151-230 230 V AC (50 ... 60 Hz)  
ref: 2151-115 115 V AC (50 ... 60 Hz)  
ref: 2151-024 24 V AC (50 ... 60 Hz)  
ref: 2151-2122 24 V DC  
Relay output 1 NO + 1 NC  
  5 A / 250 V AC  
Power consumption 1 VA  
Function status Under voltage: red LED  
  Relay enabled: green LED  
Ambient temperature -10 °C ... +60 °C  
Protection IP20 according DIN EN60529  
Weight 0.25 kg  
Housing Plastic  
Undecal socket Plastic