Control of solids and liquids

Capacitive level indicators


Intendend use:

Model with smooth body and relay output.

The capacitive levels indicators SCP 3 D are to be used to control the maximum or minimum level of liquid like water, oil, chemical products, etc., in tanks or recipients or control the maximum or minimum level of bulk solids like feed, cereal, grain, etc., in silos or vessels. These devices also control the flow of these materials in pipes or are to be used to detect conductive or non-conductive materials through non- conductive walls.

The output of the devices are protected against overloads and short- circuits. Due to the encapsulation of the controllers, the devices are immune to noise or electrical interferences from mobiles, motors, etc. 


When the level of product reaches the controller, the electronic unit reverses the signal due to a change of the capacity of the environment. When the product disappear from the detection range, the signal turns to the initial position. 

Mechanical connection:

The standard form is mounting the device with the mounting accesory under request.

Drill a hole into the tank or silo wall and polish it. Place the mounting accesory, and fasten the screw nut of the accesory to make sure of the water-tightness.

For a proper function of the device, a minimum of 10 mm of the head of the controller must be exposed to the material. 


Approximate measures are given in mm. 




Technical data:

Name Capacitive level indicator  
Type SCP 3 D ref: 2802-0-007
  SCP 3 T D ref: 2802-0-008
Supply voltage 20 ... 250 V AC (45 ... 65 Hz)  
Relay output 1 NO + 1 NC  
  5 A / 240 V AC  
Function status Short delay: red LED brigthening quickly  
  Large delay: red LED brigthening slowly  
Sensitivity Adjustable 0 ... 15 mm depending on the material. Pre-adjusted to detect grain  
Response time In model SCP 3T D adjustable from 1 ... 600 seconds.
Pre-adjusted at 30 seconds
Product temperature -20 °C ... +75 °C  
Protection IP67 according DIN EN60529  
Weight 0.38 kg  
Cable output 5 wires x 1.45 meters  
Housing Reinforced plastic  
Cable Double isolation PVC  
Accesory (under request) PVC