Control of liquids

Float levels switch


Intended use:

The float level switch B-4 are used to keep between 2 points the level of liquid like water, oil, chemical products, etc., conductive or not, in tanks or recipients at atmospheric pressure. 


The B-4 bases their work due to the movement of a float. When the level of liquid rises up, the float reaches the mechanical stop and pull up the rod. This enables the action of the lever and reverses the position of the switch.

The adjustment of the commutation of the switch is obtained adjusting the mechanical stops at the desired rod point. If the float is blocked with the mechanical stops, it can be obtained only one punctual signal. 

Mechanical connection:

It is simple: the float must be vertically installed on the top of the tank with an appropiate support to fix it or through a M12 hole. The tank can have a cap to preserve the liquid against dust. Just a M12 hole in the cap allows the free movement of the rod. 


Approximate measures are given in mm. 




Technical data:

Name Float switch  
Type B-4 ref: 2505-6
Rod length 500 mm  
Product density 0.76 kg/l  
Tank pressure Atmospherical  
Maximum pressure +0.5 bar  
Cable entry Pg16  
Electric contact:    
Switching voltage 240 V AC  
Switching function 1 NO + 1 NC Double-Pole Double- Throw (DPDT)  
Capacity of the contact 3 A / 240 V AC
(for resistive loads)
For inductive or capacitive loads, reduce at 50%
Ambient temperature -20 °C ... +70 °C  
Protection IP40 according DIN EN60529  
Weight 0.56 kg  
Float weight 0.12 kg  
Switch Aluminium  
Float Stainless Steel 1.4401  
Rod Stainless Steel 1.4401